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Use the arrow keys to rotate the first person camera. Click on a red grapple object to jump to it. While in midair-- and only while in midair -- you can click on a target object to shoot it and destroy it. While in midair you can hold  down the spacebar to slow time down. This makes it easier to hit targets, but it also reduces the number of points  you receive-- 1 point instead of 2. Also note you can use each grappling hook only once. If you run out of unused grappling targets, you have to restart the game. The pause menu is triggered by pressing the Esc key.


Unfortunately, I haven't yet implemented a win or loss condition. Once you've reached a point in a level where you can no longer advance, press the Esc key and click Level Select to choose the next level to load.


Skillshot is a short game I developed for the Games Made Quick 1 1/2 game jam. Although I have plenty of experience developing applications, this was one of the first games I made, and the first one built using Apple's SceneKit technology.

I'd like to note that this game is pretty buggy at the moment. Frankly, the whole thing needs to be rewritten from scratch. I learned a lot making it though, so I'm looking forward to the process of rebuilding it.

This is considered a partially functional prototype at the moment, so please keep that in mind. Thanks for downloading!


It's actually rather easy to add your own levels to the game, even if you have no experience coding. Simply open the source code in Xcode, and then create a new SceneKit scene file (.scn). Open the scene and drag the files Grapple.scn and Target.scn into the editor. Then, using copy and paste or option-dragging, you can duplicate and position these objects. Finally, to make the level appear in the level select menu, open Constants.swift and locate the line that reads "enum Level: Int {". On the line that reads "case one = 1, two, three, four", add another value, for example "five". Make sure your level is named properly, in this case "Level5.swift", and voila! You'll be able to launch your new level from the level select menu. If you have any questions about this process feel free to tweet at me @msavichtweet.

Install instructions

Due to an error with signing at the last moment (sigh) I was not able to sign this app to comply with GateKeeper. For the time being, in order to launch the game you must right-click the app and click "open" in the context menu that pops up, and agree to the GateKeeper warnings that pop up.


Skillshot.app.zip 2 MB
Skillshot_Source.zip 3 MB

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